How can I become a good dancer?  


This question, often asked by students in classes, is also one on which Massangila “Yugson” Lumengo, creator of the Hawks Method, has been pondering for many years.

Drawing on his experience as competitor, choreographer and teacher, on discussions with pioneers around the world, and on in-depth research, he developed an unprecedented dance evaluation system. Synthetizing the contributions and insights of the greatest dancers of all time, the Hawks Method is the most constructive and intelligible evaluation system ever.


An innovative evaluation format


The Hawks Method is a new evaluation system for dancers. It allows them to precisely identify their level, their strengths, and their weaknesses. It is by participating in the evaluation several times that they can truly measure their range and domains of progression.

The evaluation consists of four, themed, tests: foundations, technique, musicality and originality. Each theme is divided up into five questions, evaluated on a scale from 1 to 5. The hypothetic « perfect dancer » obtains 100% at the evaluation (5x5x4).

  • 0 : off-beat, off-topic
  • 1 : basic knowledge of the step
  • 2 : moves across space but little variations, binary musical listening
  • 3 : starts to “own” the move but takes too little risks
  • 4 : precision et conscience of movement, plays with the instruction
  • 5 : mastery of movement approaching perfection

At each test, five teachers are seated in a circle, facing outwards. Five dancers dance in turn in front of each teacher. They have one minute to answer to the question before moving on to the next teacher. The five questions, and which teachers are in charge of evaluating each of them, are known before the test starts.

Freestyle to push your limits


The idea of the Hawks Method is to keep the form of the freestyle and preselection during battles. Putting the participants in this situation at each exercise enables teachers to determine how well the techniques are acquired. While each exercise is an encounter with a teacher, it is also and foremost and encounter with oneself, designed to encourage to push their one’s limits.

Participants to the workshop are evaluated and mentored by dancers who are not only highly qualified teachers but are also people with years of experience as dancers, capable of excelling at the evaluation themselves. They drive success in their students through words and exercises.

The dancers benefit from personalised mentoring, get precise answers to burning questions, and are encouraged to take an active role in their own development. At the end of the evaluation, they receive a graphic representation of their strengths and weaknesses, which urges them to put more meaning and direction in their efforts.


An ambitious ranking system


The Hawks Method has its own ranking system, inspired by medals, as an incentive for dancers to yearn for “perfection”. Embarking for the Hawks Method is indeed accepting to challenge oneself, but also to rank oneself in relation to others. In addition to receiving a graphic representation of their current level, dancers are awarded a virtual “medal”, based on their overall score:

  • Rookie : 0-50%
  • Bronze : 51-65%
  • Silver : 66-80%
  • Or : 81-95%
  • Platinum : 96-100%

A unique measuring tool, both precise and systematic, the Hawks Method enables to evaluate the level of dancers in a workshop, a school, a city or a country. Its objective is to push hip-hop dance towards excellence, and to be an eye-opener on work discipline, depthless of knowledge, richness of history and versatility of techniques.